As thousands of school children go back to school this month, we approach one of the peak times of the year for head lice. This also means it's a peak time for the sales of head lice treatments.

Fortunately, Captain Liceycomb ® comes to the rescue!

We trust our customers feel reassured that by adding a LiceComb Engineering comb to their packs, they have included a critical second defence for the consumer.

Compared to competitors' combs, a LiceComb Engineering comb removes up to 72% more lice and eggs. So if for any reason the lotion or shampoo is applied incorrectly, Captain Liceycomb ® will ensure the consumer still has a positive experience.

As the world’s 2nd largest lice comb supplier, see how Captain Liceycomb ® and LiceComb Engineering can work with you to enhance your treatment pack.