It depends. Plastic combs tend to be favoured when you want to detect lice, and remove live lice quickly.

Why is this?

Because plastic combs generally have larger gaps between the teeth compared to metal pin combs and so can go through the hair slightly faster. The challenge with plastic combs arises when they come into contact with eggs. Eggs are ‘glued’ onto the hair shaft by the adult louse so that when a plastic comb comes into contact with an egg, the plastic teeth can move away from each other or ‘splay’ allowing the egg to pass through.

Because stainless steel is up to 40 times stronger than plastic, steel pins maintain their position and will therefore trap the egg and remove it.

Plastic combs are for quick or regular detection, steel combs provide a better treatment.

We recommend plastic combs as a detection device to allow consumers to identify if they have lice. Once confirmed, the consumer then purchases one of your treatments which, hopefully, will have one of our metal pin combs in it.

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