More than just a lice comb, our comb is your 100% efficacy guarantee for treatment packs that will leave your customers fully satisfied.

Our lice combs are a critical second defence against super-lice and their eggs.

  • Problem

    The vast majority of lice now carry genes that are super-resistant to the over-the-counter treatment used against them.

  • Solution

    The calibrated narrow gap pin design on our lice combs delivers zero escape for super lice, eggs, and nits – a critical 'second defence' for your brand.

Out in front for quality

Poor quality lice combs can adversely affect your product efficacy and brand reputation. The precision manufacturing equipment used for LiceComb Engineering combs, ensures consistent pin gaps, resulting in clinically tested 100% efficacy.

  • Leading branded comb

    This comb is made by one of our competitors. Note this comb’s large variation in pin gaps, poor quality pin rounding and wavy pins. Lice and eggs could pass through the large pin gaps and the poor quality pins could be uncomfortable for the consumer.

  • Our precision comb

    This is one of our combs. The consistent pin gaps, smooth pin rounding and pin straightness ensure this comb is up to 72% more consistent than competitors. Lice and eggs will be trapped by this comb and it will be comfortable for the consumer to use.  

  • Precision engineered

    We design and deliver the highest quality precision head lice combs to many of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

  • Global Reach

    Someone, somewhere in the world, uses one of our combs every 7 seconds.

  • Stainless Steel

    We only supply highly-engineered lice combs manufactured to the most exacting standards from top quality materials.